ENSV courses in English language – 2019 calendar

As OIE Collaborating Center for the training of Official Veterinarians, the ENSV is offering the below training program in 2019.

Target audience: Official Veterinarians (please, refer to the pedagogical forms).
(check estimated deadline for registration in the table) :
ENSV Residential courses (spring, summer and autumn): http://www.ensv.fr/registration/
ENSV Online course (e-CERISE): http://www.ensv.fr/ecerise-registration-form/
Additional information:
ENSV Residential courses: http://www.ensv.fr/residential-course/
ENSV Online course (e-CERISE): http://www.ensv.fr/online-continuing-education-of-veterinary-services/
Pedagogical forms:
ENSV Spring course
ENSV Summer course
ENSV Autumn course
ENSV Online course (e-CERISE)





Tuition fees

Deadline for registration

ENSV Spring course

Fish product inspection (Sea water and fresh water)

1-5 April 2019

(one-week session)

Lyon, Marcy L’Etoile (France) (including a 3 day trip to a coastal area)

3 000 euros

31 January 2019 (please contact organizers if interested)

ENSV Summer course

Food safety

“Food safety for products of animal origin – International and European management and controls”

12-27 June 2019

(2,5 week session)

Lyon, Marcy L’Etoile (France) (including a study trip to Brussels, Geneva and Paris)

6 000 euros

15 March 2019

(please contact organizers if interested)

ENSV Autumn course

Prevention of antimicrobial resistance

4-8 November 2019

(one-week session)

Lyon, Marcy L’Etoile (France)

(including field visits)

2 500 euros

15 July 2019

(please contact organizers if interested)

ENSV Online course (e-CERISE)

Good Governance and Quality of Veterinary Services

(both French and English language)

September 2019 – June 2020

(10 months)

Online course (one-week face-to-face session in November at Marcy l’Etoile, France)

8 000 euros

15 April 2019

(please contact organizers if interested)


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